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By Barbara Foz

Eretikos Art alias Barbara Foz is an international fashion designer based in Italy and Japan who has been working with most important high street Fashion Brands. She is based in Milano, in the famous via Montenapoleone and in Japan in the fashion district of Aoyama. 

She loves creating true to life digital fashion, and digital art.

Avatar creation is the evolution of the years she spent painting human bodies.

Her inspiration comes from anywhere but mostly includes vintage fashion, classic art, Japanese aesthetic, historical costumes, jewels, mille e una notte, video games, Fantasy saga, Gotic style, the Metaverse.

She loves to mix Classic Italian and Japanese Art and bring them to an unexpected level of expression. She has a dream to make the world a better place while enjoying life and art.




Welcome to our Magic World of Happiness

Abundance Cats
The Abundance Cats

Coming Soon 

The Past in The Future

Venus' Moods

What if Venus had black hair?

I took inspiration from Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" to celebrate the creation of our virtual model

Corona Sanders @corona_3d

In Botticelli's famous painting, Venus nudity meant the concept of Humanitas understood as spiritual beauty that symbolises the soul's purity, simplicity, and nobility.

Corona was born in 2020, during the first Corona Virus lock-down.
Her hairless first appearance, dressed in red, on a catwalk from the north to the south of beautiful Italy, was an apparent reference to the virus and the impossibility of seeing those unique places for an indefinite time.

#fashionart #art #artist #3dfashion #3dfashiondesign #3dfashionillustration #3dfashiondesigner #3dfashionart

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation

Herman Melville



Once upon a time in the future, there was a world made of human beings in perfect harmony with nature.

Dystopia is a collection of unique 16 animations on the subject of water.

It tells the story of a world where all creatures live in perfect harmony.

Siren mermaids symbolize the unity of humans and animals in an ecosystem where everything matters.

It is a fully digital work of art.

I designed the avatars and going to officially present them during the New York Digital Fashion Week and Monaco Digital Fashion Challenge next October.

Corona Sanders - @corona_3d

Denzel Eagle - @denzel_eagle

The video has been made  for @eretikosiki and eretikosart owns all rights. 



Eretikos iki

Eretikos iki

3D Design

Art in Fashion & Fashion in Art


Bikini of the Future

I imagine that in the future women will have a supernatural power. They will still be sensual and attractive but they will also be strong enough to protect the environment and all living things. There are always 2 faces in every thing. The good and the bad. I hope women will be able to use only the best one.

I created this peace experimenting the help of Artificial intelligence this time. And I found out that AI is just a tool like a brush is. It is easy to get some general result, but getting what you really imagine from AI is completely another story. After the first result, I used Adobe to adjust the result as I wanted. 

Available on opensea

Miami Friday

Miami Friday

Reality comes to the earth from an extra world nobody knows. Reality cannot keep being stable in humans' hands, and beauty ends after destruction and suffering caused by war and injustice. So reality leaves the earth to enter the metaverse where it is always Christmas Time, and happiness has the colour of joy. 

3D rendering - Clo3D - Unity - Unreal engine 5 - Adobe suite. 

Music from Adobe License.

Presented at Art Basel Miami 21
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Milano - Tokyo

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